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Headquartered in mountain view, California, USA, Aite is a leading supplier of low-power, radiation resistant hybrid signal field programmable gate array (FPGA). Its products are widely used in military / aerospace, industrial, communication and consumer product markets. With its deep expertise in space class radiation resistant certification technology, the company has become a leading manufacturer in the satellite and space FPGA market, and has long been known for its excellent service quality in the industry.


Qualcomm announces $3.1 billion acquisition of wireless technology company Atheros Qualcomm chuanglixun, a network communication chip design company, specializes in wireless communication chips. Founded in 1998 and listed in 2004. It is provided to more than 30 manufacturers and conforms to IEEE 802.11 standard communication chip. The current chief executive is Dr. Craig Barrett. On January 5, 2011, Qualcomm announced a $3.1 billion acquisition of Atheros.


Anba Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of advanced technology in the industry, mainly providing solutions of low power consumption, ultra-high image quality audio-visual compression and image processing semiconductor. Anba's products have opened up a new multi-functional camera market. With only one camera, consumers can enjoy unparalleled high-quality video and digital images at the same time. Many of the world's top brand cameras and cameras use AMBA's system single-crystal chips. Anba's technology is also widely used in the field of ultra-high quality TV image transmission. Many TV programs around the world are transmitted through anba chip compression.


"Skyworks's acquisition of aati will further strengthen our product portfolio in smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes and infrastructure, while accelerating our access to the vertical market." David Aldrich, skyworks's president and chief executive, said in a statement that the deal still had to be approved by aati's shareholders.


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL, LSE: ACP), formerly known as apple computer, Inc., changed its name on January 9, 2007 at Macworld Expo in San Francisco. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA, its core business is electronic technology products. Apple II helped the personal computer revolution in the 1970s, and the Macintosh relay continued to grow in the 1980s. Its most famous products include Apple II, MAC, iPod music player, iTunes Store, iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet. Apple is famous for its innovation in high-tech enterprises.


Founded in October of the Republic of China, ANPEC Electronics Corp. aims to improve the design environment of domestic power analog and establish its own analog and power related industries. Mainly engaged in analog integrated circuit design, test, production and marketing business. The product line mainly includes: power conversion and power management IC, amplifier and driver and discrete power devices - MOSFET and IGBT.


Anwell Semiconductor Corporation, a dedicated analog IC design house, was founded in Oct. 2003 by a team who had devoted themselves at semiconductor industry for nearly two decades. Equipped with extensive analog technology application experience in oscillators and power management, AnSC is capable to provide a full range support to your development projects of various needs, from conception, analog design realization, all the way to system test and integration phases. AnSC has been paying, and will continue to pay its earnest effects to build customers' satisfaction through appropriate quality, timely delivery, and proactive services; these have resulted in rapid market share increase and fast revenue growth. Providing value to customers is always AnSC’s job number one; all AnSC employees are empowered and committed to this mission with integrity, professionalism, and innovation. Customers will yet be greatly benefited by AnSC’s determination in continuous pursuit of new products and advanced power management technologies. For more information, please visit: www.ansc.com.tw


Antioch is the world's leading market for high-performance computer components and accessories for games, PC upgrades and DIY. Founded in 1986, Antioch is recognized as a pioneer in the industry, and has always maintained its position as a global market leader and an international supplier of quiet, efficient and innovative products. Country: United States Industry: consumer electronics, etc. Products: fan, power supply, chassis series, etc. Founded in: 1986


Established in 1998, APEC is the first company to successfully integrate the 6-inch DMOS process in Taiwan with ISO9001 certification. APEC provides total solutions for new power requirements in MOSFETs, IGBTs, and Power ICs. The company’s products are broadly applied in the computing, consumer electronics, display, communications and industrial segments. APEC distinguishes itself from the rivals by being chosen as a strategic partner of leading semiconductor firms, because of its relatively large economies of scale and the steady sales growth. APEC’s commitment to consistent quality assurance and the increased economies of scale has enhanced the company’s market position for MOSFET components in Taiwan. APEC anticipates to enlarge its domestic market share and also expand to overseas markets. The company’s revenue in 2004 reached NT$ 2.023B (US$ 65M) and a shipping volume of 525M units, with new record highs in Fall of 2005.


ASM - Automation, Sensors, and Measurement We develop, manufacture and market mechatronic Position Sensors for use in industrial applications. One of our other fields of business is the sale of sensor and measuring technology products from well-known partners. Thanks to our wealth of expertise, amassed over several decades, we have attained a leading role in the field of position measurement and have set industry standards


ASIX Electronics Corporation is a leading fabless semiconductor supplier with focus on networking, communication and connectivity applications. ASIX was founded in May 1995 in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan, and has been listed on Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange (TAIEX code 3169) since November 2009. ASIX's customers include those companies with premium brand name in the networking and communication industries. ASIX works closely with the leaders in the networking industry to provide highly integrated solution for customer applications. ASIX has been certified as an ISO 9001 and 14001 suppliers. This achievement represents our continuing commitment to maintain a world-class quality system.


Aptina is a global provider of CMOS image processing solutions, affiliated with Meguiar Technology Co., Ltd. Aptina is the industry leader in providing 2 million, 3 million and 5 million pixel CMOS image sensors to the industry's most popular high-end mobile phone manufacturers. Aptina's CMOS image sensor also provides high-quality image and video functions for digital cameras, personal media cameras, security cameras, laptop cameras and automotive applications. Aptina continues to drive innovation and development in the market with its growing portfolio of CMOS technologies and image sensor solutions.


Aplex Technology, Inc. was founded in 2004. Committed to development and manufacturing of industrial computer products, the company has aggressively launched into development of products so that it can stay ahead of other competitors in design and master the pulse and trends of the entire industry. Based on system hardware platforms, Aplex offers a variety of competitive solutions for system integration clients or applications, including embedded computer platforms, human-machine interfaces (HMI), industrial displays, and other related products. Standard products, customized products or OEM/ODM project service are all made available to meet customers' special needs. Applications cover transportation, power, environmental monitoring, telecommunications, communications, medicine, factory automation, etc


American company analogix is a fabless chip design company specializing in the design and production of high-end digital analog hybrid chips. With its first-class R & D strength in this field, it provides highly competitive products or solutions for global customers and partners. American company analogix is the leader of DisplayPort and the next generation of personal computer digital interconnection technology. American company analogix provides a complete set of HDMI 1.3 and 1.2 sending chip and receiving chip solutions for the consumer electronics market, realizing the transmission and sharing of high-definition audio and video. Headquartered in Silicon Valley of the United States, American analogix has subsidiaries and offices in Taiwan, Beijing and Shenzhen of China. Its business network covers North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan. Most of its customers are world-famous consumer electronics manufacturers, PC manufacturers and communication system manufacturers.


Amotech is a comprehensive component company that develops and provides information and communication based on new materials. Its core components in the field of it appliances and energy consolidate its position in the world's top maket in the field of anti-static (ESD) components of electronic equipment, including digital carrying equipment (digital camera, MP3, digital camera, laptop, etc.), display (PDP, LCD-TV) and automotive leader Domain, and through the miniaturization and integration of products to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of the company, but also through a variety of materials and design capabilities to ceramic patch antenna firmly grasp the automotive navigation market, and through chip antenna to achieve the device carrying Bluetooth, DMB, DVB-H, media Flo and other antennas. In the future, it will enter the wireless communication market and establish the position of the central enterprise in the era of ubiquitous and home network. In addition, we will continue to invest in the development of BLDC motor, a new generation of intelligent engine, to ensure the competitiveness of our products, and on this basis, we will develop into an enterprise that provides core solutions to the automotive, home appliances, and computer computing fields that follow the trend of energy issue.