Professional Electronic Component Distrbutor!




API technologies Corp. is a leading provider of RF / microwave, microelectronics and security technologies for critical and high reliability applications.


API Delevan designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-quality inductors, chokes, and coils to meet a wide range of electrical filtering requirements. The company focuses on the production of high-performance inductive devices to meet strict regulatory requirements and customer specifications related to high quality and high reliability.


-For more than 60 years, APEM has been a leader in the field of high-quality micro and industrial switch manufacturing, with a wide range of product lines in the industry. APEM's product portfolio consists of an expanding HMI interface product, including switches, joysticks, indicators, and keypads.


APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in APC's key power and cooling services under Schneider, provides industry-leading products, software and home applications,


American security equipment company (amseco), a porter brand, is a leading supplier of fire protection and safety products, including fire sprinkler monitoring system, electronic fire protection system, as well as vault and safety safety safety system.


-AMS (six: AMS) develops and manufactures high-performance analog semiconductor devices to solve customers' most challenging problems with innovative solutions. AMS aims at applications requiring high precision, accuracy, dynamic range, sensitivity and ultra-low power consumption


AKM semiconductor is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asahi Kasei micro devices (AKM) in Tokyo, Japan. AKMS is located in San Jose, California, USA, providing sales, marketing and design services to customers in North America. AKM designs and manufactures CMOS mixed signal integrated circuits for applications including audio, multimedia, data storage and Telecommunications


Airborn is a leader in developing, prototyping and testing electronic solutions. The company provides thousands of specialized connectors for aerospace, medical, manufacturing, instrumentation, storage and networking, space exploration and energy industries. Airborn is well known for the high quality they offer to a variety of industrial products


Aim is the world's leading manufacturer of lead-free solder assembly materials for the tin lead and electronics industries. Their product lines include solder paste, liquid flux, solder rod, wire welding, solder fabrication, adhesives, cleaners, chemicals and electroplating anodes, as well as indium and gold alloys.


AEM technology, focusing on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of new electronic components, has a number of patents and proprietary technologies at the world's leading level, and is the manufacturer that can provide the widest and most complete fuse product line in the industry


Honghai microelectronics, founded in Xinzhu in 1990, is a professional fabless integrated circuit design company, dedicated to IC design, R & D and sales. Our R & D and sales focus on safety monitoring system surveillance, power management, audio / video amplification, 3D field effect IC, servo motor controller, FM receiving IC and other products.


Anguo was formally established in Taiwan in 1999. Its professional team comes from Silicon Valley of the United States. It specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing various highly integrated IC design and software solutions, so as to provide instant technical support and services to customers around the world and closely cooperate with wafer foundry. In the early years, Anguo devoted himself to the field of hub control chip, and published the first USB keyboard hub control chip - AU9432 in 2000, which was also adopted by Apple IMAC keyboard


Alereon is a fabless semiconductor company developing innovative Ultrawideband (UWB) wireless chipsets. Our mission is to simplify networking by removing cables, allowing effortless connections between PCs, consumer electronics, PC peripherals and mobile devices. We want to change the way consumers use electronic devices to connect to the world. Alereon was founded by industry pioneers in ultrawideband technology. The company's 120+ patent/application portfolio speaks to the experience of our team and our deep understanding of radio frequency technology. Alereon's executive team is comprised of leaders from some of the most respected companies in the technology world including IBM, Intel, Cirrus Logic, AMD, Mobilian, and Standard Micro Systems to name just a few. Backed by some of the leading venture capital firms, Alereon has assembled a team that demonstrated the first complete, fully functional 480Mbps solution in early 2005, and introduced production silicon for delivery in the first quarter of 2006.


ABCO Electronics Co., Ltd。 ABCO Electronics (036010. KQ) is a Korean company engaged in manufacturing and selling inductors and resistors. The company was founded in 1973 and changed its name to ABCO in 2001.


Ametherm, established in 1994, manufactures rugged inflow current NTC thermistors that limit thermistor and temperature compensation and control. Ametherm plants are located in Carson City, Nevada and the United States are equipped to process raw materials such as manganese, copper and cobalt, and nickel is the base material for protecting power sources, AC motors and audio amplifiers around the world.