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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is an innovator of high reliability analog and mixed signal semiconductors. Leveraging core technologies, Skyworks offers diverse standard and custom linear products supporting automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, energy management, industrial, medical, military and mobile handset applications. The Company''s portfolio includes amplifiers, attenuators, detectors, diodes, directional couplers, front-end modules, hybrids, infrastructure RF subsystems, mixers/demodulators, phase shifters, PLLs/synthesizers/VCOs, power dividers/combiners, receivers, switches and technical ceramics.


Main products: computer memory chip.


Main products: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969. In the early stage, it mainly produces household electronic products, such as TV sets and video recorders. Since the 1970s, it has entered the international market and gradually developed into one of the five largest electronic companies in the world. Its products have also expanded from home appliances to computers, communications and many other aspects.


Main products: Sony's electronic business covers home audio-visual products, digital cameras, digital cameras, personal computers, personal audio products, professional radio and television equipment, electronic parts and other fields. Among them, electronic parts include semiconductor products, LCD, electronic parts, cathode ray tube, pickup head, battery, FA system, etc.


Founded in 1994 by Mike Mozer, Todd Mozer and forrestmozer, sensor is located in California, USA. its main business is to develop and produce cost-effective speech recognition products. More than 20 years ago, the company's founder developed the first voice synthesis chip, which took the lead in applying audio technology to PC and consumer electronics products. At present, some of the company's managers are world-famous experts in related fields (neural network technology, chip design, Linguistics).


Semtech International AG is a leading supplier of analog and mixed signal semiconductor products for communication equipment, portable products, computers and industrial equipment.


Main products: mainly focus on consumer electronics.


Main products: it is the world's largest supplier of flash data storage products, and plays an important role in formulating many industrial standards for flash technology.


Main products: a wide range of products, from complete equipment to electronic devices. Among them, semiconductor devices mainly include: memory IC, display, RF components, IR data communication, optoelectronic devices, microprocessor & microcontroller, imaging products, LCD and many other ICs.


Main products: SMSC is a supplier of MOS / VLSI. The product scheme includes PCI / O, PC system logic, USB connection, local network and embedded control system.


Supertex company designs and produces complex industrial standard IC. Its products are used in medical, data processing, military, telecommunication, instrument, consumer goods industry and other fields. In 1980, the company took the lead in launching high-voltage IC products, which use unique HVCMOS technology. This technology combines CMOS and DMOS technology on one chip, and has the advantages of low power consumption of CMOS IC and high voltage output of DMOSFET transistor. At present, the process technologies used include DMOS, HVCMOS and BiCMOS, which have won good reputation in the production of high-voltage semiconductor products. At present, the company has diversified its products, including IC, MOS FET and array. The products are mainly used in special applications such as telematics, ultrasonic images, flat panel display terminals, commercial aviation and high reliability applications in industrial systems.


SG micro Limited (Shengbang Microelectronics Co., Ltd.), referred to as Shengbang microelectronics, is a semiconductor company specializing in the R & D, production and sales of high-performance and high-quality analog / mixed signal integrated circuits. With excellent performance and excellent quality, simbond microelectronics products can be widely used in mobile phones, TVs, DVDs, digital cameras, laptops, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial automatic control, medical instruments, liquid crystal displays and many other fields.


The company has a strong and experienced R & D and design team, which can complete the design and development of various types and specifications of LCD modules and transformers in the shortest time according to the needs of customers, meet the unique requirements of different customers, and carry out product development, design and performance testing according to the certification requirements of various countries. The company has ISO9001 quality management system, with successful production management and quality control mode and experience. At the same time, the company has a number of advanced special testing instruments and production equipment, so that the technical indicators and process quality of the products have a reliable guarantee. Main products: main products: LCD module, LCD, transformer, relay, thermostat, PCB processing, etc


Zetex PLC designs, manufactures and sells a series of standard and special analog integrated circuits and discrete components. The company's products include voltage stabilizing circuit, DC-DC conversion, voltage reference, audio amplifier, GaAs FET Controller, low saturation bipolar transistor, low on resistance MOSFET, variable capacitor tuner, Schottky diode, magnetic electric sensor, etc. The products are applied to cellular telephone, portable and desktop computer, PDAs, automobile, stage lighting, camera, satellite TV, process automation, video / multimedia system. At present, there are more than 2500 types of products, including bipolar, CMOS, HDMOS and Channel MOSFET chip processes. Zetex PLC is located in Oldham, UK. It has design center, chip factory, assembly and testing factory. In addition, it has an assembly and packaging factory in Germany and a joint venture in Chengdu, China that is responsible for chip assembly and testing. Part of the production is done by some subcontractors in Asia.


ZiiLABS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Creative Technology, is a leader in media-rich application processors, advanced software and enabling hardware platforms. Our innovative products enable OEMs, ODMs, System Integrators and Software Developers to deliver industry-leading devices across a broad range of consumer electronics and embedded markets. Originally founded in 1994 as 3DLABS, the company re-branded and joined with the Personal Digital Entertainment group of Creative Technology in January 2009 to form ZiiLABS. This new found synergy effectively combines a company with a 25 year history in state-of-the-art programmable visual processing with a core development group that has a wealth of platform experience as a leading innovator in the field of portable consumer electronics. ZiiLABS, with over 800 R&D engineers today, has invested US$1billion and 10,000 man-years in media processing solutions and has offices in the UK, China, USA and Singapore.