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Founded on December 12, 2005, Yutai technology is a professional analog and mixed signal IC design company. Since its establishment, it has actively invested in R & D resources and rapid development of new products. Continuously committed to product quality improvement, and passed the ISO 9001 international quality certification in December 2007.


We develop an original technology with the curiosity based on unique sensibility, steady effort and concentratation. To achieve this, we try to make our company "Free", "Reasonable" and "Gentle". We aim the expert group that always challenges the newest technology.


Z-Communications Inc. has been leading the wireless world in VCOs, Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesizers, Smart Synthesizers, Power Amplifiers and Power Splitters/Combiners technology for nearly two decades. We are the largest manufacturer of VCOs and PLLs for the commercial / wireless market. To ensure our dominance as the leading RF/Microwave component supplier, Z- Communications, Inc. invests in continuous research and development to develop state of the art RF/Microwave components. We hold patents in ultra low noise


Founded in 2003, Zhengzhou Weisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and gas sensor application scheme service, with a building area of more than 30000 square meters.


ZILOG was founded in 1974 by industrial pioneers Federico faggin and Ralph Ungermann. Z80 series controllers produced by the company have been widely used. In 1998, TPG (the Texas Pacific Group) acquired ZILOG. Based on ZILOG's design and production experience, TPG positioned the market in three aspects: communication, home entertainment and integrated control. At present, ZILOG company has its own proprietary design reference room with complete data. It has established four design centers in California, Texas, Idaho and Washington. It has advanced manufacturing plants in Idaho, a testing plant in Manila, Philippines, and a global user service center in Texas. At present, there are 27 sales offices and more than 120 distribution points in the world. The company's new product is ez80, which embeds Internet and DSP (digital signal processing) functions on the basis of Z80. Products include IR products, microcontrollers, microprocessors, PCMCIA, PC peripherals, TV controllers and wireless products, etc.


Product Electronics was founded in December 2002. The purpose of the company is to extend the group's product design end after nearly 10 years of semiconductor manufacturing experience accumulated by Lijing group, and choose DRAM, the main product of Lijing group, as the main axis of the company's IC design.


Zmdi is a global supplier of analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, mobile sensing, information technology and consumer applications. These solutions enable zmdi's customers to create energy-efficient products in the fields of sensors, power management and lighting.


Zhiwei Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 by a group of senior diode engineers and venture capitalists. With the goal of developing a "new generation of diodes", we will improve and design all types of rectifiers with medium and low power for silicon semiconductor diodes. We hope not only to rebuild the capability of Semiconductor R & D and manufacturing in Taiwan, but also to promote the development of diode industry in Taiwan. At the same time, in the spirit of religious home to establish enterprises, through the continuous innovation of products, to enhance the well-being of all mankind.


Zywyn Corporation is a fabless semiconductor company located in Sunnyvale California, U.S.A. Jointly developing the proprietary High-Voltage BiCMOS/BCD SOI processing technology with a strategic Taiwan foundry partner, Zywyn designs, manufactures and markets high value-added Analog Interface integrated circuits focusing on the display driver products for the portable telecom and consumer markets such as display backlights being used for the mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), digital still camera (DSCs), digital watches, MP3 players, and the emerging plasma display panels, as well as the analog interface transceiver solutions for data-link cables, set-top boxes, industrial PC communications, utility meters, and networking multi-protocol router ports.


Zarlink Semiconductor delivers world-leading, mixed-signal chip technology for a broad range of communications and medical applications. The Company's core capabilities are in network timing, voice and power management, and ultra low-power wireless communication. Serving the world's largest equipment manufacturers, Zarlink's highly integrated chip solutions help customers simplify design, lower costs and reach market quickly.


Zoran Corporation is a high-tech listed company engaged in the design, development and marketing of digital audio and video integrated circuits. Founded in 1983, Zoran Corporation has been committed to the development of industrial digital signal processing technology, and its main products include DVD decoding integrated circuit, digital camera integrated circuit, and digital TV integrated circuit.


Zhongqing company is a high-tech joint-stock company with research and development of microelectronic products as its core. It is the first supplier and service provider of integrated control technology, driver chip design technology and control system solution design and production in China.


Founded in 1978, WDC is the copyright owner and patent owner of w65c02 and w65c816 technologies. Since 1981, WDC has been a leading provider of microprocessor IP core technology, providing technology licensing, chip products and development systems for other semiconductor manufacturers and users. In the past 30 years, about 2 billion w65c02 based microcontrollers have been sold, which are used in kitchen appliances, cellular phones, automobiles, modems, audio and video equipment, medical instruments, scientific instruments, industrial robots and automatic detection equipment. Mensch, the founder of the company, is one of the inventors of the Motorola 6800 microcontroller core MOS technology 6502 microcontroller, which has been widely used by many famous companies such as apple.


Wolfson is a global leader in providing high-performance mixed signal semiconductor chips for the consumer electronics market. Because of its high-performance audio and ultra-low power consumption, our products are well-known in the world, and many of the world's top consumer electronics products have applied our audio technology.


Founded in November 1998, Yusheng Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is located in Silicon Valley Hsinchu, Taiwan. It is a professional integrated circuit design company, providing customers with various solutions for Hall induction IC. Its main products are used in brushless motor, magnetic sensing switch, magnetic field measurement and various types of contactless switch, positioning system and current sensing application, product application Throughout all kinds of high-tech industrial consumption measurement system, the company has been established for more than ten years, committed to the development of new products and quality improvement, and to make its products more competitive with effective cost. Yusheng semiconductor's business philosophy is to help customers achieve their R & D and business objectives, and continue to provide customers with the best and most competitive solutions.